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Atomic Tackle Company Jigs and Tournament Tackle Company (MN) baits pave the way to the Federation Nation Championship  run.  The Tennessee Rigged Football jig is a MUST have in the tackle box, especially if you want to maintain bottom contact and of course catch fish.  This bait is ideal when tipped with a chigger craw or paca craw.   As a secondary weapon, the Atomic Tackle Company Shaky Heads are amazing, with the extra wide gap hook and the screw lock, it is weedless and packs a punch. 

Federation Nation Championship

Red River, Shreveport, LA

The Red River was a wild ride, a roller coaster of weather and changing conditions that made it tough for many of the Federation Nation Championship contenders. In this event, the bite changed every day and the fish seemed to be scattered about or shut down.  While some anglers figured out high potential spots and were able to capitalize on bites, my bites were few and far between.  On day two, I missed five fish, which is a deal breaker in an event like this.  No excuses, decisions needed to be better each day, there is nothing like a 19 hour drive to reflect on what could have been and should have been.  Events like these are priceless, it was a great experience and that in itself was worth the time.  Fans at the event that took a break from shopping to cheer...



2010 MFBA State Championship

The location of the 2011 TBF Northern Divisional Championship is still pending approval, but the good news is that it will be in MN.  After a 6th place finish this year in Patoka, this was a rewarding event for me.  The main bite was flippin with a craw bait and a spinner bait to end the day.  The previous week, Justin Ohotto and I took 4th in the Excel Bass Team TOC, this proved to be valuable time on the water.  In many events we meet folks and share tips, this was no exception as the primary team from Patoka was open with patterns of the day.  Lee provided me with some advice that helped cap off the victory and respected an area we shared.  Overall, I would rate the TBF events as one of the best.  Hopefully more anglers will give this organization a try in 2011. (pictures will be posted later)

MFBA State Championship
Leech Lake
18 Boaters

1 Robert Perkins  10 30.98
2 Shane Raveling 10 29.81
3 Dick Dorman 10 29.18
4 Steve Quinn  10 28.59
5 Scott Bonnema  9 27.92
6 Jeff Mullholland 10 26.79
Big Bass Jeff Pfeffer   5.27

Top 6 qualified for the 2011 TBF Northern Divisional Championship

2010 TBF Northern Division Patoka IN

Meet the team from MN.
Overall Patoka was tough for every angler, there were 77 (blanks) in the event and only 2 limits for all three days.  The MN team worked together to share patterns and some spots but fish did not come to the meetings.  Congrats to Alex Orme and Scott Bonnema for making the National team.  Alex finished in 3rd and Scott in 5th, I finished in 6th by -2 ounces.  I think we all said never again, but I am certain we would head down there tomorrow if possible.








MN Bass Federation Nation 2010 State Team
2010 Minnesota Divisional Team  
Congratulations to Bob Perkins for a third place overall finish and first place on the Minnesota team. Bob is now eligible to fish the BASS Federation Nation Championship (FNC) Oct. 25-29 at the Red River. 
Below is a picture of the final day weigh in.  LBDN is one of the best kept secrets around, if you are looking for some great fishing...well it is only a short drive from here.
Two advances in 2010, 3rd Place in TBF MN Club Championship and 6th Place in the MN BASS State Championship.  The TBF regional event is Patoka Lake, IN.  This event is September 5th-10th, check out for news and coverage of the event.
Here is a look at part of what advanced Bob to the BASS Northern Regions.


Here is a bonus catch on Old Hickory, too bad it was not a keeper.  We had interesting weather in TN, every day was different.  During prefishing, we caught better fish every day, thinking that 12 pounds per day would not be an issue.  Wind, rain, and cold weather really changed the area that I was one only produced 3 very small fish and 3 more on day two.  Still a great trip, we caught a huge variety of fish (bluegill, catfish, white bass, stripe bass, sauger, small mouth, large mouth, spotted bass, gizzard shad, and some other species of shad, one that was 14" long)


Minnesota State Tournament gets hit with heavy fog on day one, I only weighed (2) fish for 7.93 pounds, making a long run was a bad idea.  The fog lifted at 10:30, taking the first 3 1/2 hours of the day from all angler.  Day two was a better start with no fog, so I again made the long run and it paid off.  Weighing the largest bag of the entire event with 19.55 pounds of largemouth, for a total of 27.48, this moved me into 6th place and earned a spot on the Minnesota Team.  The next event is in Michigan, the location does not sound final.  Meet the MN 2009 State Team.


Atomic Tackle Company Jigs now available, as well as Falcon Rods, Lake Fork Tackle, Chompers, and Tournament Tackle's own line of GREAT bass baits.

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 Minnesota Bound Youth Event (First Place)

Working clumps of weeds was the ticket for Austin and Neil as they took first place at the Ron Schara Invitational Youth Event.  Using Tournament Tackle craw tubes and an Outkast RT jig with a Yomamma trailer in clumps of cabbage produced 3 nice bass weighing 7 pounds.  Neil also took big fish honors with a nice 4 pound fish.


September 2008

Bob Perkins takes home a top 5 overall finish and a 1st place MN team finish, fishing at the TBF Northern Division Tournament on Lake St Clair. Taking the number one spot for MN  advances him to Nationals.  More details can be found at and follow the links to results from the Northern Division.  Here is a nice smallmouth brought to the scales on day one, which was 5 pound 8 ounces and day two was 5 pound 7 ounces. The Nationals will be on Bull Shoals.









2009 events
TBF Nationals on Bull Shoals, MO (17th place)
TBF State Club Championship - Chisago Lake, MN (3rd place)
MN BASS State Championship - Pokegama Lake, MN (6th Place)
2008 events
Weekend Series Nationals - Lake Norman, NC (10th place)
Weekend Series Divisional's - Kentucky Lake, KY (17th place)

Midwest Invitational Pro Team - WF/Gull (5th place)

MN Division Federation of Bass Anglers (1st place)

2007 Highlights

BASS Weekend Series - Le Homme Dieu (1st place & Big BASS)

Camp Confidence - Whitefish/Gull (7th place)

BASS Weekend Series Whitefish Chain 13th place

BASS Weekend Series Pokegama (1st place)

Extream TOC (2nd place)

BASS Weekend Division 25 (2nd place)

BASS NATIONALS - Clarks Hill, GA - TOP 25 Pro (25th place)